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Cloud Video Surveillance when bandwidth is not as constant as Gravity


Atlas, a cloud video surveillance platform, is designed for applications where video must be transported to remote locations under changing connection speeds. It incorporates Elastistream, a patent-pending elastic video pipe.

Solution Schematic
Connection Speed Adaptation 

Atlas' Elastistream (ES) monitors connection speed and automatically adapts outgoing video across multiple streams.

Co-operative Bandwidth sharing

Cameras produce more video bits when there is scene activity than when there is none. Atlas' Elastistream (ES)  monitors camera bit requirements and automatically provides more uplink bandwidth to cameras when they need it and vice-versa.


Atlas' on-prem s/w features a REST API which third party applications can use to configure/manage each on-prem deployment.

Easy Remote Configurability & Monitoring

Each on-prem s/w instance is configurable remotely without on-prem proxy set up. Each on-prem S/W's complete REST API is accessible to an authenticated remote user.

Secure transfer

All cloud communication from each on-prem software instance is encrypted using HTTPS/TLS1.2.

Azure Active Directory Integration

Fine grained, user level access permissions to on-prem appliance S/W, cameras.

Camera Agnostic

Atlas supports all onvif-s compatible cameras. This gives the end user freedom to be camera agnostic.

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