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Redundancy Management Framework

Video Redundancy for Milestone XProtect

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Redundancy made Transparent

Critical infrastructure such as Airports, Seaports, and energy plants need video recording redundancy. RMF makes such redundancy transparent to the end-user.

Video Aware

Nuanced and Video-Aware, RMF handles failures, big and small.

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Hybrid Options

Leverage the power of the cloud while increasing on-prem availability.

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Asymmetric Redundancy

Asymmetric Redundancy makes possible redundant system designs at different cost points.

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RMF smart-combines live and playback video, bookmarks, alarms, PTZ settings across redundant set ups to achieve high functional availability and transparency.

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Web API 

RMF's REST API enables other software such as PSIM or Analytics to leverage recording redundancy.

Ease of Setup

RMF provides tools to set up redundant recording servers without spending days on end.

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Robust to different failure types

There are many types of failures that impact the end user experience. RMF mitigates these.

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Use Cases

Here are some examples of how our high-availability solutions are being used.

White Papers

Read the white papers to learn about RMF's unique advantages.

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Multi-Architecture Support

RMF supports different types of XProtect Redundancy Architectures including single-site and federated deployments.

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Airports, Seaports, Power Plants, and Oil and Gas deploy RMF to achieve seamless high availability with redundant recording.

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RMF - An Introduction 08/19/22

RMF - An Introduction 08/19/22
RMF - An Introduction 08/19/22

RMF - An Introduction 08/19/22

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RMF Federated-5.0

RMF Federated-5.0

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