Camera to Client, Direct, Low Latency, Multicast/Unicast plugin for Milestone XProtect.

Eliminate egress costs with XProtect + AWS

SureStream provides a direct, low latency video pipe from a camera to the XProtect Smart Client. Thereby, it eliminates recurring, high, video egress/appstream 2.0 costs charged by AWS. Instantaneous ROI.

On-Prem Applications

A live video underwriting mechanism in an XProtect installation, SureStream ensures live video availability even when all servers are down. Critical to every surveillance installation.


HTTP unicast tunneling, GPU video rendering, on-prem multicast, camera agnostic onvif support, authentication integration with XProtect, support for federated architectures, easy set up and use...

White Paper

Discover the many benefits of using SureStream.


Easy to configure and use.

Product Brief

Support for Onvif-S cameras, multicast streaming, authentication integration with xProtect, GPU video rendering, are some features supported by SureStream.


SureStream is installed at a major seaport in Asia.

Steps to achieve and verify multicast video

Here are steps to achieve and verify multicast traffic with SureStream and Milestone XProtect in on-premises deployments.

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