Camera to Client, Direct, Low Latency, Multicast plugin for Milestone XProtect ensures no live stream loss even when all servers are down.


Highly available live video is critical in several surveillance scenarios. By streaming direct from cameras, SureStream increases live stream availability.


SureStream is the only plugin solution for XProtect that enables Smart Clients to receive low-latency multicast streams directly from cameras. Recording server failure has no impact on live video. Authentication is integrated with XProtect.

Product Brief

Support for Onvif-S cameras, multicast streaming, authentication integration with xProtect, GPU video rendering, are some features supported by SureStream.


SureStream is installed at a major seaport in Asia.

Higher Live Video Reliability

Direct Streaming from a camera to the client is more reliable than routing the stream through a server.

Steps to achieve and verify multicast video

Here are a few steps to achieving and verifying multicast traffic with SureStream and Milestone XProtect.

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