SureStream Cloud

The egress cost vaporizer

Reduce AWS egress costs at XProtect on AWS Deployments

SureStream provides a direct video pipe from a camera to the XProtect Smart Client. Thereby, it greatly reduces recurring, high, video egress/appstream 2.0 costs charged by AWS. 

Saves money, every second of use

Egress bandwidth cost reduction for data centers

Direct live video streaming from cameras to clients, bypasses hosted private clouds, and reduces egress bandwidth needed by these. Saves costs/increases capacity.

No SureStream Cloud

Yes SureStream Cloud

Goodbye, video round trips...

When cameras and clients are co-located, direct streaming avoids meaningless bandwidth-hogging video roundtrips.


All direct streams are encrypted using HTTPS/TLS1.2.

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Discover the many benefits of using SureStream.

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