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High Video Availability Solutions

Plugins for Milestone XProtect

(Milestone is a subsidiary of Canon Inc.)

A Redundancy Management Framework for Dual Record Sites (RMF)

Many critical infrastructure facilities use Dual Recording (DR) of video footage as means to achieve high availability. However, mere dual recording does not achieve high availability. The Redundancy Management Framework (RMF) is the only plugin solution built on Milestone XProtect MIP that smart-combines video and functionality across redundant recording servers to achieve high functional availability. Being transparent to the end user, it adds functional redundancy to live, playback views, PTZ control, presets, bookmarks and alarms. Geographical redundancy across multiple XProtect sites is supported.



SureStream: Camera to Client Direct Streaming

SureStream is the only plugin solution for XProtect that enables Smart Clients to receive low-latency multicast streams directly from cameras. Recording server failure has no impact on live video. Authentication is integrated with XProtect.

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